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Swaraning Pring Ensemble INDONESIA Composer/Leader: Sugeng Pratikno Swaraning Pring ensemble founded by Sugeng Prtikno (composer) on August 2004. Swaraning Pring ensemble is an ensemble which uses several of traditional musical instruments, especially percussions and wind musical instrument from Indonesia (rebana, dumbuk, hajir, kendang, suling, tarompet reog, etc) and another country mix with western musical instrument (guitar, violin, blockflute, etc) and some musical instrument design and made by the composer. This ensemble plays various style of music that basically comes from Indonesian traditional music and Indonesian folksong, composed and arranged by Sugeng Pratikno, leader of this group, a composer graduate in composition from Jakarta Institute of the Art, Jakarta- Indonesia. Works of Sugeng Pratikno is very unique, original and sophisticated, because he has had successfully used of all idiom and material of Indonesian traditional music for his composition and arrangement with his own. He has nice music arrangement for Indonesian folksong from many part of Indonesia. Swaraning Pring ensemble and Sugeng Pratikno as a composer has had a lot of works and performed on many occasion in Indonesia and abroad (Tokyo-Japan, Melbourne-Australia, Hsinchu, Kenting, Taichung, Taipei -Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia) and have done various works for dance, theater, film, and the others. Swaraning Pring ensemble invited to The 2004 International Hsinchu Country Folk Drum Festival, TAIWAN (2004), The 2005 Kenting International Folksong Festival in TAIWAN (2005), The 2006 Taichung County Matsu International Festival – Taichung, TAIWAN (2006). Participate in Chapter II Malaysia World Drums Festival – Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (2008), The 2008 Hsinchu County International Folk Drum Festival (2008), The 2008 Taipei County Sinjhuang International Drum-Art Festival (2008). Swaraning Pring ensemble with Sugeng Pratikno as a composer, its make Swaraning Pring ensemble become a unique ensemble, colorful and has nice performance.

Swaraning Pring show in Hsinchu_Taiwan

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